Common mistakes to avoid when creating a website.
Error 2 : Not designing for users

written by Alex

April 21, 2023

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Hello everybody ! Let’s continue our overview of common mistakes to avoid when creating your website.

We have previously stated that it was crucial to define a clear objective for the creation of your website before throwing yourself headlong into the creation of your website.

Indeed, having a specific goal will allow you to target the audience you are targeting, to plan the content and structure of your website in order to optimize its relevance, reduce costs and ensure its success.

Today, let’s take a look at another common mistake that you absolutely must avoid in order not to crash: not designing for your users.

I spoke with an entrepreneur who wants to make a website to explain to him the importance of designing for users when creating his website:

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“Hey! How have you been since the last time? So, is your website progressing well? Do you have a clear goal now?”

“Yes, I have a better idea of what I want to do and what content to integrate.”

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“Great ! But remember that your website should be designed for the people who will use it. Make a design easy to navigate and understand. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of creating a website for yourself, and not for your users.”

“Really? But I thought that if I made a nice and stylish website, it would automatically attract visitors.”

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“Of course, the design is important, but the main thing about your website is that visitors can find what they are looking for and do what they want quickly. Remember that people come for info or to complete a task, not to admire your design. So make sure your design serves that mission. Uses simple, understandable language for everyone, no weird words that might confuse them, and creates easy and efficient navigation so they don’t get lost along the way.”

“OK, I got it. But how do I make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for on my website?”

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“For navigation to be at the top, your users must be able to get their hands on what they are looking for without struggling through complicated menus or overly cluttered pages. It’s also crucial that your pages are accessible to everyone, even those with sight or hearing problems. So make sure the colors contrast well and the fonts are large enough for everyone to read without strain.”

“Ah, I don’t want my visitors to be frustrated because they can’t find what they’re looking for. But how do I make my website accessible to everyone?”

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“Well, there are accessibility standards for websites, and there are online tools that allow you to test whether your website is accessible or not. Alternatively, you can hire a web developer who has experience with accessibility.”

“Thanks for the advice. But will my site be visible on all types of devices?”

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“Good question ! These days, people are increasingly viewing websites on their phones or tablets. So, make sure to design your website to be compatible on all types of devices. This means it should be easy to navigate and read on a small screen without losing important information.”

“OK I understand. But if I make my website responsive*, won’t it slow down the loading of pages?”

* A responsive website is a website that is designed and developed in such a way that it can adapt to all screen resolutions. It is therefore a single website that can be consulted on computer, mobile or tablet.
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“Indeed, the loading time of the pages is essential for the visitors of your website. They want pages to load quickly, otherwise they’ll look elsewhere. To avoid this, you can limit the use of heavy images and videos which can slow down the loading time. Also, you can compress images and code to improve page loading speed.”

“Great, thanks for all the tips. If I understand correctly, to have a top website, I must think first of all of the users, facilitate navigation, make the site compatible with all devices and pay attention to page loading times.”

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“That’s it ! By providing an optimal user experience, you increase the chances of success of your website. So, don’t forget to always keep your users in mind and pamper them!”

For your website to be effective, take into account to design it according to the needs and expectations of your users.

This means that your website should be designed with them in mind first, using simple and clear language, intuitive navigation, compatibility with different types of devices and fast loading time.

By doing this, you greatly improve the user experience, which can increase your website’s chances of conversion.

It’s also important to clearly define the objective of your website from the start of the design, to provide clear and interesting content and to optimize it for users. By avoiding common mistakes when creating a website, you can maximize the impact of your site and achieve your goals.

You want to know more?

So, before you start creating your website, contact Dawa Web Agency which will help you target needs and expectations of your users and to design a simple, clear, intuitive, responsive and fast website to improve the experience of your users.

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Ophélie Desnoulez-Lenne
Ophélie Desnoulez-Lenne
Je remercie l'agence Web Dawa qui a été d'un professionalisme exemplaire. Elle a réussi à comprendre mes besoins pour la réalisation de mon site. C'est une agence très créative et réactive: toujours disponible, toujours à l'écoute. Mon site est tel que je le souhaitais. L'agence m'a également apporté des conseils et a suggéré des modifications afin d'obtenir le meilleur site possible. Je recommande vivement cette agence, vous pouvez lui faire confiance! Je remercie également le graphiste avec lequel l'agence travaille, mon logo est parfait.
pierre bailleul
pierre bailleul
DAWA est une agence réactive et hyper créative, à l'écoute de ses clients ! Un réel plaisir de travailler avec Alexandre !
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Perrine Amelinckx
J'ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec l'agence Web Dawa pour le site internet de mon activité et j'en suis très contente. Ils ont su être suffisamment à mon écoute et comprendre mes besoins pour créer un site qui me ressemble et reflète bien l'image de mon activité. Leur service client est top. Je peux compter sur leur professionnalisme et leur réactivité pour répondre à mes questions. Je recommande les yeux fermés l'agence Web Dawa, si vous souhaitez un site internet à votre image et de qualité!
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Alexis Kiers
Je suis très satisfait du travail accompli par l'agence web Dawa pour mon site internet qui a répondu à toutes mes attentes avec professionnalisme et créativité. Je recommande vivement leurs services à quiconque recherche un travail de qualité supérieure. Merci Dawa !
Thomas Beck
Thomas Beck
Je suis ravi d'avoir travailler avec l'agence web Dawa pour la réalisation de mon projet web. Ils ont créé mon site internet avec professionnalisme, en prenant en compte mes besoins et préférences. Leur expertise dans le domaine a été très utile, et leur communication avec moi était excellente tout au long du projet. Le résultat final est un site internet professionnel, élégant et facile à naviguer. Je recommande fortement Dawa à tous ceux qui cherchent à créer un site internet de qualité professionnelle.
fioen cyril
fioen cyril
Je recommande vivement l'agence web Dawa pour leur professionnalisme! Ils ont rapidement compris mes attentes et mes besoins pour la création de mon site e-commerce, et le résultat est très positif. Le site reflète parfaitement ma société, mon activité et mes valeurs. Les conseils étaient toujours très pertinents et leur disponibilité a permis d'avancer rapidement sur le projet. De plus, leurs tarifs sont vraiment compétitifs pour les services qu'ils offrent. Merci à l'agence web Dawa pour leur travail exceptionnel sur mon site!