Why is it so important to do regular maintenance of your website ?

written by Alex

February 2, 2023

Dawa Web Agency mascot Webby welcome

Hi, it’s me Webby, your user-friendly website!

Like all websites, I am always online to show you the information or products you need. But to stay healthy and efficient, I need regular maintenance.

This is why I wanted to draw your attention to the importance of maintaining a website regularly.

Indeed, just like a car that needs maintenance to run well, I too need regular checks to make sure everything is running smoothly and to avoid bugs.

And what’s more, I can even improve myself by updating new features to give you an even more awesome experience.

And if ever there is a problem, don’t panic! You just need a good web developer or system administrator to help me sort it out.

In short, taking care of me, your website, means taking care of your online presence, protecting your data and staying at the top of search results.

So don’t leave your website aside and make sure you put the time and effort into it.

Discover below the risks associated with not maintaining a website and the discussion I had with my owner regarding my maintenance:

Dawa Agence Web mascotte Webby confus

“Hi! How’s it going ? It’s me, your website, you’ve neglected me a bit lately. Just wanted to remind you how important it is to me to get a small dose of regular maintenance to stay safe, compliant, and performing well!”

“Oh, sorry mate, I’ve been a little busy lately. But why is your maintenance so important to you?”

Dawa Agence Web visage homme embarrassé
Dawa Agence Web mascotte Webby rassuré

“A maintenance is like a little check-up for me! I clean up, I correct errors, I update my software and plugins* to be on top of my game. It allows me to be fast, secure and compliant with regulations. In addition, if I perform well, it gives users confidence and it boosts your business in the rankings! So don’t let me hang around, give me some maintenance, please!”

* Plugins are small add-on programs that add functionality to websites.

“OK, I got it, thanks for explaining it to me. So how do we handle that?”

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Dawa Agence Web mascotte Webby suspicieux

“You have several options to maintain me: you can hire a pro to take care of it, use automated tools or set up alarms so you don’t forget updates. And don’t forget, we have to keep up to date to make sure everything is running smoothly!”

“Looks good to me, I’ll take care of it right away. Thanks for reminding me how important maintenance is to you. Can you give me concrete examples of the errors you noticed?”

Dawa Agence Web visage homme confus
Dawa Agence Web mascotte Webby effrayé

“Of course! For example, imagine that you want to go to an important web page by clicking on a link, but that link does not work, it’s frustrating isn’t it? And it can even make you leave the site. That’s why it’s super important to take care of the maintenance and check the links to avoid that.”

“Wow, I hadn’t realized that simple errors like broken links could cause so many problems for users. I will make sure to check all the links on the website to avoid these kinds of errors.”

Dawa Agence Web visage homme inquiet
Dawa Agence Web mascotte Webby contrarié

“Then, regarding software and plugins, those that are not up to date are like open doors for hackers. Would you leave your front door open to malicious people? Of course not! Well, it’s the same thing with plugins that are not updated, hackers can use security holes to access sensitive information or to take control of your website.”

“Ah yes, I now understand why it is important to update plugins regularly. I will make sure to check all the plugins on the website and update them if necessary.”

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Dawa Agence Web mascotte Webby dégouté

“Finally, a website that is not up to date with outdated content will seem outdated and will be less visible to users and search engines. This can lead to a drop in traffic to your website and a loss of potential revenue. That’s why it’s important to maintain your website regularly to be on top of the trend and attract visitors like butterflies to a flame!”

“OK! We will review our content and refresh it regularly to make our website shine in the eyes of search engines and users! Thanks for letting me know about these errors.”

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Dawa Agence Web mascotte Webby calme

“I’m happy to help you. Don’t forget that maintenance is super important for me and for your business. It is therefore necessary to continue to monitor how I am doing and to put in place actions to avoid stupid and common mistakes.”

“You’re right, I’m going to put in place an effective maintenance strategy for me and for my website. I’ll also make sure to check and update regularly to avoid common errors and improve your security and performance. Thank you for your help and valuable advice.”

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Dawa Agence Web mascotte Webby amusé

“No problem! If you need help or additional advice for the maintenance of your website, do not hesitate to contact me.”

So! I wanted to emphasize here the importance of regular website maintenance, because unfortunately most people and businesses don’t care.

So, proper maintenance keeps me running efficiently, protecting user information, and ensuring a positive user experience.

Without proper maintenance, I risk becoming vulnerable to hacker attacks, having technical errors and losing visitors.

It is therefore crucial to have an effective maintenance strategy in place and to follow it regularly to guarantee the security, compliance and performance of your website.

So, don’t let your website go down; maintain it!

You want to know more?

Dawa Web Agency offers web maintenance services (Preventive maintenance, Evolutionary maintenance or Corrective maintenance) adapted to your needs and your budget.

Questions about maintaining your website?