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Whether it’s your showcase website to increase your visibility on the net or your e-commerce website to increase your online sales, Dawa web agency offers services and expertise in UX/UI design and in development of websites and mobile applications to design and create responsive websites optimized for natural referencing.


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Dawa Web Agency - Service UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

UX Design, or User Experience, aims to make the use of your website or mobile application pleasant, intuitive and accessible for the user to provide a successful and satisfying experience. .

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At Dawa, we put the user at the center of the design process of your project. We analyze the needs and behaviors of your users regarding your interface in order to make it as ergonomic, intuitive and efficient as possible.

In addition to UX Design, our User Interface designers (UI Design) are interested in defining the graphic design of your website to organize all the site information in an attractive, usable way and consistent.

To sum up, UX and UI Design are essential to retain your users, to improve the notoriety of your brand, to optimize the natural referencing of your site and therefore its visibility on the net, and to increase your conversion rate.

Dawa Web Agency - Service WordPress Development

WordPress development

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the market. Extremely flexible, WordPress remains the most economical and fastest open source solution to create your website.

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Dawa web agency has chosen to use the WordPress CMS for its ease of management and use as well as its great capacity for customization which allows it to create attractive professional websites in the image of the visual identity of your business, at very low cost.

In addition, a website created on WordPress will have its optimized natural referencing because this CMS offers a friendly and pleasant user experience with its choice of themes and extensions with a clean and attractive design and offers a construction of URLs of your web pages easy and without blocking element.

Specialized WordPress agency, Dawa proceeds with the installation of WordPress on the server of your choice, the customization of the selected theme to identify with the image of your brand as well as the maintenance of your website to keep it efficient and secure.

Dawa Web Agency - Service Website redesign

Website redesign

Do you have a website and want to update and optimize it? Dawa web agency supports you in the redesign of your website both visually (more attractive, more modern, etc.) and structurally (performance and SEO optimization).

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Redesigning a website is different from creating a new website. Indeed, with an existing site, there is already an experience of the website that allows us to examine it in detail and understand what is working and what is not working with the aim of improving it and correcting what was wrong..

At Dawa, we offer you a complete redesign service for your website both visually and structurally by defining your needs, auditing the current website, reworking the graphic charter and all the content (text and images) of your website.

The redesign of your website with our agency therefore includes the implementation of a new design but also the improvement of the performance of the website (optimization of content and SEO) in order to bring your website better visibility and user experience and make it more efficient.

Dawa Web Agency - Service E-commerce

E-commerce website

To promote your services or sell your products, what better than having your own e-commerce website? Indeed, your company’s e-commerce website is the online showcase of your business and allows you to distribute information related to the products and/or services you provide.

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Whether it is with the use of a CMS system (Woocommerce, Prestashop) or the creation of a custom website, Dawa web agency offers you the solution best suited to your needs and your budget. for the realization of your e-commerce website or application.

An e-commerce website has many advantages: you have a better chance of making a sale because your website is online 24/7, you don’t have to pay rent and your costs are reduced, and the management of your electronic online store is rather simple (we will exempt you from training).

In addition, e-commerce is constantly evolving and purchases made online are becoming more and more similar to those made in stores. The creation of your e-commerce website also gives you the possibility of carrying out marketing actions to target your users and obtain new buyers.

Dawa Web Agency - Service Custom website

Creation of custom websites

From simple showcase websites to more complex e-commerce websites, including custom web applications, our developers qualified in front-end, back-end and full-stack development are able to work with all the technologies and computer languages to bring your project to life.

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Optimal development and professional coding of your website or mobile application are essential to reach a wide range of users, promote your business and your products and thus generate the conversions necessary to grow your business.

An integral part of the creation of a website, Dawa offers quality web development to offer you a fully personalized website or application according to your needs and supports you in all stages of your turnkey project, from its creation and handling to its maintenance.

Dawa web agency also produces mobile applications and our development teams work with iOS and Android operating systems to create high-performance mobile applications that offer the best possible mobile experience to your users.

Dawa Web Agency - Service SEO


Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improves the positioning of your website in the first results of search engines and thus increases traffic on your website, your online visibility and therefore your turnover.

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However, the optimization of natural referencing is a complex discipline because it takes into account many factors such as the user experience, the structure of the website, the richness and relevance of its content, the choice keywords, the quality of its inbound links…

At Dawa, thanks to the skills of our UX/UI designers and our developers, we build your website by applying the recommendations from Google in terms of SEO to provide the website with quality and effective natural referencing.

Regarding the redesign of existing websites, we carry out an audit of its SEO which allows us to develop support in optimizing SEO, in particular by choosing the right keywords to work on for your local, national or international positioning.

Dawa Web Agency - Services Maintenance web

Web maintenance services

To function properly, your website must be maintained regularly in order to ensure the security of the website and its performance, to offer a better experience to your users and thus to increase the number of visits and traffic to your website.

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It is therefore essential to update and plan periodic maintenance of your website to avoid loss of traffic and scaring away your users with a faulty website, not to mention that you can lose your data and your entire website.

At Dawa, we offer 3 types of maintenance service depending on the budget and the time allocated to the maintenance of your site: Preventive maintenance, Evolutionary maintenance or Corrective maintenance. The latter intervenes punctually in the event of a breakdown of your website.

Preventive maintenance is a package of hours dedicated to updating and backing up your website. Evolutionary maintenance is a preventive maintenance to which we add credits for the evolution of the website such as the addition of web pages, functionalities, new content…

Our main works

E-commerce website

Dr Bassecour
Online Veterinary Services

Dr Bassecour is a veterinary practice that offers advice and services dedicated to small poultry, pigeon, rabbit and guinea pig farms. The firm called on the web agency Dawa for the creation of its e-commerce website in order to be able to offer its users the purchase of teleconsultation subscriptions. We used the WordPress CMS and customized and implemented the interface adapted to the requirements of the Dr Bassecour practice.

Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - Dr Bassecour
Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - Naga Business Consulting

WordPress development

Naga Business Consulting
Website for legal consulting firm

Established in 2019, Naga Business Consulting is a legal, business and accounting consulting firm in Thailand. The firm worked with the web agency Dawa to create its showcase website in order to gain an online presence in an already very competitive business consulting market in Bangkok. We designed and developed the website with the WordPress CMS which offers high-performance natural referencing and a unique and elegant interface.

Dawa Web Agency - Expertise

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