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Qualified in the creation of custom websites, Dawa Web Agency in Phuket designs personalized websites and web applications meeting all the functional requirements of your project.

Creation of custom websites in Phuket

What are the advantages of creating custom websites ?

The creation of custom websites represents much more than a simple online presence; it is an opportunity to shape a unique digital experience, adapted to the specific needs of each company or project.

  • Creating a custom website means designing it specifically to meet the specific needs of a business or project. This allows you to add unique features that perfectly match the client’s goals.
  • Unlike ready-made website creation platforms, a tailor-made website allows total customization of the design and user experience. This makes it possible to design a unique website that faithfully represents the identity and values of the company.
  • The creation of custom websites allows you to have more control over the performance and security of the website. By using custom technologies and solutions, you can make the website faster, improve its search engine rankings and protect it against online attacks.
  • Creating a tailor-made website offers a perspective of long-term adaptation. By considering the future needs of the company, we can design a website that can easily adjust to market developments and technological progress.
Dawa Web Agency in Phuket - Creation of custom websites
Dawa Web Agency in Phuket - Web Development

We create custom websites in your image

Dawa web agency brings your most innovative and ambitious projects to life in terms of creating tailor-made websites. With a personalized approach, Dawa guarantees you a unique, thoughtful and efficient website, aligned with the needs and identity of your company.

At Dawa, the priority is to build a custom website that perfectly reflects your business and your needs. Thanks to a collaborative process, each step is designed to offer you a final result that is ergonomic, scalable and adapted to your objectives.

« Anyone can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. »

Martin Fowler


We use careful programming that makes it simpler to understand the code in the future. This is crucial to make the website easy to maintain and to improve its reliability, scalability and performance.


We create awesome mobile apps designed specifically for Android and iPhone phones to reach all your business’s potential customers.


We design personalized websites that adapt perfectly to your needs, integrating unique features and faithfully reflecting the image of your company.


We use custom technologies to improve the performance, SEO and security of your website or mobile app, giving you full control over these crucial aspects.

Our other web services

Dawa Web Agency - Service UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Design the website around the user to create attractive and user-friendly interfaces, thus providing an exceptional experience
Dawa Agence Web - Service Refonte de site internet

Website redesign

Modernize and update the visual appearance and structural aspect of your website
Dawa Agence Web - Service Image de marque & Logo

Branding and Logo

Develop your brand identity, from your logo to your branding
Dawa Agence Web - Service Référencement web

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Analyze and optimize the natural referencing of your website on search engines
Dawa Agence Web - Service Développement WordPress

WordPress Development

Create your website with the WordPress CMS solution that meets your budget and your needs
Dawa Agence Web - Service Site e-commerce

E-commerce website

Develop your online store to maximize your sales on the internet
Dawa Agence Web - Services de maintenance web

Web Maintenance

Manage and update your website or mobile application so that it is always operational, secure and efficient

Our works in UX/UI design

Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - Mazda Pool

UX/UI Design | Creation of custom websites

Mazda Pool
Showcase website for heat pumps

Mazda Pool is a manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps. Wishing to promote its new ranges of technical and innovative products, Mazda Pool called on the web agency Dawa to create its website. We first worked on the UX and UI design of the website following the visual and structural guidelines imposed by the client, then our developers created the tailor-made website to bring it to life.

Creation of Custom Websites

Website and back office

Warmpac, a specialist in swimming pool equipment, wants to create a website with e-commerce functionalities as well as develop a back office in which it will be possible to manage products and customer orders. Dawa web agency has thus built a personalized back office with the integration of a complex database collecting technical data for each product and online purchase. Result: an intuitive interface and a complete back office to meet Warmpac’s evolving needs.

Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - Warmpac

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