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Expert in creating e-commerce websites, Dawa Web Agency in Phuket helps you develop your online store to boost your sales on the internet.

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What are the advantages of creating an e-commerce website ?

Creating an e-commerce website offers extended reach, reduced costs and continuous availability, essential to remaining competitive in the digital economy.

  • Creating an e-commerce website allows you to expand your customer base. With an online presence, you can reach customers all over the world, without being geographically restricted.
  • An e-commerce website reduces costs compared to a physical store. No high rents, maintenance or decoration costs. Online transactions are often automated, limiting labor requirements.
  • An e-commerce website is permanently available, which encourages purchases at any time. This can lead to higher sales as customers can purchase at their convenience, even outside regular opening hours.
Dawa Web Agency in Phuket - E-commerce website

We offer the best online store solutions for the success of your e-commerce website

Specialist in UX/UI design, Dawa Web Agency designs your online store, ensuring effective conversion and a fast purchasing experience for your users.

Whether you need a simple online store or a more complex e-commerce website with inventory management, CRM, delivery service, payment gateway, etc., we will guide you towards the personalized e-commerce solution best suited to your needs and those of your customers.

« Generate a customer, not a sale. »

Katherine Barchetti


We design online stores for B2B and B2C businesses, improving customer experience and boosting order numbers.


We improve the clarity and readability of your design by optimizing your product categories, tree structure and product descriptions to make it easier for your customers to navigate and convert sales.


We ensure the secure management of your buyers’ banking details and set up reliable and fully secure payment gateways.


We implement an intuitive product management tool, allowing you to easily add new products and update inventory and prices.

Our other web services

Dawa Web Agency - Service UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Design the website around the user to create attractive and user-friendly interfaces, thus providing an exceptional experience
Dawa Agence Web - Service Refonte de site internet

Website redesign

Modernize and update the visual appearance and structural aspect of your website
Dawa Agence Web - Service Image de marque & Logo

Branding and Logo

Develop your brand identity, from your logo to your branding
Dawa Agence Web - Service Référencement web

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Analyze and optimize the natural referencing of your website on search engines
Dawa Agence Web - Service Développement WordPress

WordPress Development

Create your website with the WordPress CMS solution that meets your budget and your needs
Dawa Agence Web - Service Création sur-mesure

Creation of custom websites

Build your custom website or mobile application to meet the functional requirements of your project
Dawa Agence Web - Services de maintenance web

Web Maintenance

Manage and update your website or mobile application so that it is always operational, secure and efficient

Our works in E-commerce website

Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - La Savonnerie des Flandres

E-commerce Website

La Savonnerie des Flandres
Online Store

La Savonnerie des Flandres is an artisanal and organic soap factory located in French Flanders. Favoring local partnerships for its ingredients and its communication, Lq Savonnerie des Flandres chose to work with the web agency Dawa for the creation of its e-commerce website which we set up with the WordPress CMS and its Woocommerce extension for the creation of a merchant website.

E-commerce Website

FaOn FaOn
Online Store

FaOn FaOn, a young children’s clothing brand, wants to expand its online presence by launching an e-commerce store. For this, she chose Dawa web agency to create her e-commerce website under WordPress with the Woocommerce extension, adapted to online sales.

Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - Faon Faon

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