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Dawa Web Agency in Phuket offers SEO audits and strategies to analyze and optimize the visibility of your website pages on search engines.

SEO in Phuket

What is the objective of SEO ?

The main objective of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to increase the visibility and ranking of a website in search engine results, in order to attract qualified and relevant traffic.

  • By optimizing the content, structure and tags of a website according to search engine criteria, SEO or natural referencing makes it possible to increase its visibility on important keywords for its field of activity.
  • By targeting keywords and specific queries related to its sector of activity, SEO makes it possible to attract qualified traffic, that is to say visitors interested in the products or services offered by the website.
  • A good ranking in search results, especially on the first page, strengthens the credibility and trust of users in a website. Internet users tend to consider the first results to be the most relevant and trustworthy.
Dawa Web Agency in Phuket - SEO Search Engine Optimization
Dawa Web Agency in Phuket - SEO Natural Referencing

We use the best SEO strategies to guarantee you optimal online visibility

We offer in-depth audits of your website’s performance in order to optimize its SEO, thus increasing its visibility on the main search engines and among your target audience.

By following Google’s guidelines which cover all stages of SEO, we apply SEO best practices such as keyword research and analysis, as well as the creation of relevant content and links.

« If content is king, conversion is queen. »

John Munsell


For good SEO, relevant keywords are essential. We help you find them to attract your target audience to your website.


We thoroughly review your website and write an audit report identifying key issues affecting its performance, ranging from content quality to website structure.


In our SEO strategy, netlinking and internal networking are crucial. They increase your popularity and improve the visibility of your website and its ranking on search engines.


If you are looking for quick results to achieve your objectives, we can support you in a paid search engine advertizing (SEA) strategy.

Our other web services

Dawa Web Agency - Service UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Design the website around the user to create attractive and user-friendly interfaces, thus providing an exceptional experience
Dawa Agence Web - Service Refonte de site internet

Website redesign

Modernize and update the visual appearance and structural aspect of your website
Dawa Agence Web - Service Image de marque & Logo

Branding and Logo

Develop your brand identity, from your logo to your branding
Dawa Agence Web - Service Développement WordPress

WordPress Development

Create your website with the WordPress CMS solution that meets your budget and your needs
Dawa Agence Web - Service Création sur-mesure

Creation of custom websites

Build your custom website or mobile application to meet the functional requirements of your project
Dawa Agence Web - Service Site e-commerce

E-commerce website

Develop your online store to maximize your sales on the internet
Dawa Agence Web - Services de maintenance web

Web Maintenance

Manage and update your website or mobile application so that it is always operational, secure and efficient

Our works in SEO

Dawa Web Agency - Portfolio - Marine Guru


Marine Guru
Showcase website for diving center and luxury cruise

The Marine Guru Group offers various services, such as diving, snorkeling, sailing cruises, yacht management and operating the G Beach Club in Phuket. In order to promote these activities and obtain increased online visibility, we have implemented an SEO strategy. This consists of creating several websites dedicated to each service, identifying relevant keywords for each website, and developing internal and external links to increase the popularity of the Group.

WordPress Development | SEO

Naga Business Consulting
Website for legal advice firm

Established in 2019, Naga Business Consulting is a legal, business and accounting consultancy firm in Thailand. The firm worked with Dawa web agency to create its showcase website to gain an online presence in an already highly competitive business consulting market in Bangkok. We designed and developed the website with the WordPress CMS which offers efficient natural referencing and a unique and elegant interface.

Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - Naga Business Consulting

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