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By offering web maintenance services, Dawa Web Agency in Phuket ensures the reliability, security and optimal performance of your website or mobile application, both for you and for your users.

Web Maintenance in Phuket

How important is website maintenance ?

Website maintenance is vital to ensure their long-term reliability, security and effectiveness. It is an essential investment for any company that wishes to attract and retain its customers.

  • By identifying and correcting malfunctions as soon as they appear, regular web maintenance prevents breakdowns and technical problems. For example, updating plugins prevents security vulnerabilities exploited by hackers.
  • Web maintenance secures data and users through measures such as firewalls, SSL certificates and regular backups, protecting sensitive information. By actively monitoring suspicious activity, hacking attempts can be quickly detected and neutralized.
  • Maintenance ensures the relevance and competitiveness of the website by regularly updating its content, its referencing and its user experience. For example, by adding new products or optimizing loading speed, we guarantee visitor engagement.
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We take care of the security and management of your website

The entire management and maintenance of your website is carried out by us, allowing you to remain 100% focused on your main activity.

We offer three types of contracts adapted to your budget and your project: progressive, preventive or corrective maintenance.

« Prevention is better than cure ! »

Famous proverb


Corrective maintenance is necessary in the event of a breakdown of your website; its intervention depends on the urgency and complexity of the repair to be carried out.


The preventative maintenance contract encompasses the inspection and remediation of your entire IT environment, including the web server, database and the website itself, ensuring its continued good functioning throughout the year.

progressive MAINTENANCE

The progressive maintenance contract includes preventative maintenance as well as credits for the evolution of your website, such as adding pages, features or new content.


We support you in choosing and purchasing the hosting service suited to your project, and we help you register your domain name.

Our other web services

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UX/UI Design

Design the website around the user to create attractive and user-friendly interfaces, thus providing an exceptional experience
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Website redesign

Modernize and update the visual appearance and structural aspect of your website
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Develop your brand identity, from your logo to your branding
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Analyze and optimize the natural referencing of your website on search engines
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WordPress Development

Create your website with the WordPress CMS solution that meets your budget and your needs
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Creation of custom websites

Build your custom website or mobile application to meet the functional requirements of your project
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Our works in Web Maintenance

Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - Naga Business Consulting

Progressive Maintenance

Naga Business Consulting
Website for legal advice firm

Established in 2019, Naga Business Consulting is a legal, business and accounting consultancy firm in Thailand. The firm worked with Dawa Web Agency to create its showcase website to gain an online presence in an already highly competitive business consulting market in Bangkok. We work on the management and maintenance of the website to improve its performance and maintain a high level of security.

Web Maintenance

Interior decoration website

Established in Thailand, Kapsule is a furniture store offering furniture, supplies and interior design service. Kapsule decided to work with Dawa Web Agency to redesign its website to reflect the values and refined image desired by the client. We developed the website under WordPress by designing an elegant and refined design which offers quick and simple website management to the client. We work on the web maintenance of the website for regular updates in order to keep the website efficient and secure.

Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - Kapsule

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