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Specializing in WordPress development, Dawa Web Agency in Phuket assists you in choosing the graphic themes and features that best meet your needs for your website project.

WordPress Development in Phuket

Why choose WordPress to build a website ?

The most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world, WordPress offers a complete and reliable solution for building professional websites, adapted to various projects and needs.

  • WordPress is very versatile. Whether you want to make a blog, a showcase website, an online store or even an advanced website with lots of interactivity, WordPress can help you. There are plenty of themes and plugins available, so you can customize your website however you want.
  • WordPress development makes creating and managing websites easier to use. Its interface is simple and user-friendly, and Dawa Web Agency will teach you how to add pages, articles or change the design without problems.
  • WordPress is always updated to ensure the security and performance of your website. These regular core and plugin updates help protect your website from security issues and provide a good user experience.
  • The WordPress development platform is scalable and supports the growth of your business. Whether you need additional features, attract more visitors or give your website a facelift, WordPress can adapt to your ever-changing needs.
  • The WordPress development platform support community is very extensive. With millions of users around the world, you can easily find online resources to help you solve problems when you build or manage your website. Dawa Web Agency is also there to support you.
Dawa Web Agency in Phuket - WordPress Website
Dawa Web Agency in Phuket - WordPress Development
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We develop professional and quality websites with WordPress

Dawa Web Agency excels in WordPress development. Our WordPress websites are designed with great attention to detail, ensuring a professional and neat appearance and respecting quality standards. Each project is an opportunity for us to take on new challenges. Before starting a project, we carefully evaluate your functionality needs to create a website that suits you perfectly.

At Dawa, opting for WordPress development means choosing a solid and flexible solution for your websites. We personalize each theme so that it perfectly reflects your brand image, while guaranteeing optimal security. With our secure practices and regular monitoring, your website will be reliable and protected.

« In the world of the web, WordPress is the palette with infinite potential ! »

Anonymous developer


With WordPress development, we customize your website according to the specific needs of your project.


With WordPress, we track the evolution of your business by adding features, managing content, and expanding the website’s reach as you grow.


WordPress development is more affordable than custom solutions. We thus offer you a professional website at a lower cost while maintaining quality and reliability.


Using WordPress, we naturally optimize your website for search engines, improving its online visibility and increasing organic traffic and conversion opportunities.

Our other web services

Dawa Web Agency - Service UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Design the website around the user to create attractive and user-friendly interfaces, thus providing an exceptional experience
Dawa Agence Web - Service Refonte de site internet

Website redesign

Modernize and update the visual appearance and structural aspect of your website
Dawa Agence Web - Service Image de marque & Logo

Branding and Logo

Develop your brand identity, from your logo to your branding
Dawa Agence Web - Service Référencement web

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Analyze and optimize the natural referencing of your website on search engines
Dawa Agence Web - Service Création sur-mesure

Creation of custom websites

Build your custom website or mobile application to meet the functional requirements of your project
Dawa Agence Web - Service Site e-commerce

E-commerce website

Develop your online store to maximize your sales on the internet
Dawa Agence Web - Services de maintenance web

Web Maintenance

Manage and update your website or mobile application so that it is always operational, secure and efficient

Our works in WordPress Development

Dawa Agence Web - Portfolio - La Savonnerie des Flandres

WordPress Development | E-commerce website

La Savonnerie des Flandres
Online Store

La Savonnerie des Flandres is an artisanal and organic soap factory located in French Flanders. Favoring local partnerships for its ingredients and its communication, La Savonnerie des Flandres chose to work with the web agency Dawa for the creation of its e-commerce website which we set up with the WordPress CMS and its Woocommerce extension for the creation of a merchant website.

WordPress Development

ScubaGold Phuket
Diving Center Showcase Website

ScubaGold Phuket is a new diving center in Rawai, Phuket. To have visibility on the internet, ScubaGold Phuket wants a personalized, modern and clear showcase website to present and promote its services, attract its target audience and win new customers. Dawa web agency has thus created a showcase website with the WordPress CMS to offer a website adapted to all types of devices, elegant and entirely personalized in the image of the diving center and which offers optimal natural referencing to stand out in a competitive market.

Dawa Web Agency - Portfolio - ScubaGold Phuket

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